The  Dept. of Administrative Services is an Executive Branch department of the American Samoa Government consisting of the Director's Office and several divisions: the ASG Mailroom, Printshop, Archives and Records Center, Housing, and Executive Office Bldg. Security-Maintenance.  Each division therefore functions according to policies and responsibilities regulated by the Director's Office.  The Director's Office also provides certain government services to the general public and ASG employees. These include ASG contracts and leases and personnel services with oversight of activities performed by Housing, Printshop, Mailroom, Archives and Records Center and EOB Security-Maintenance.  We are located at the Executive Office Bldg. in the village of Utulei, Tutuila, American Samoa. 684-633-4157/58. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we work to expand and improve our  public information website.


               Director Afalava Eliki

Department of Administrative Services

      American Samoa's DECLARATION OF ONGOING PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY AND STATE OF EMERGENCY for Nov. 15th to Dec. 1st, 2022 is available at the COVID 19 ADVISORY link above. All DAS-Dept. of Administrative Services divisions are therefore following the DECLARATION to prevent potential community transmissions of COVID-19 variants. DAS Divisions can be contacted via phone or email for the latest information regarding public hrs., safety measures and service adjustments. The public is respectfully requested to please be aware of the DECLARATION and to act responsibly during November by practicing safety precautions that prevent contagion. DAS otherwise recommends it's own "4 W" exercises: WEAR a mask for 5-10 days if you have been recently ill; are unvaccinated; or have a medical condition; or are over 65 and vulnerable (N-95, KN-95 or KF-94 type masks are recommended); WASH hands frequently and thoroughly after contact with public surfaces; WATCH social distance by staying at least 6 ft. apart from strangers; and be WARY of crowding and ventilation when visiting public venues & buildings, stores and businesses. And be aware of potentially asymptomatic people.


     The Dept. of Administrative Services otherwise continues to observe current CDC Centers for Disease Control website guidelines regarding primary vaccinations and boosters research and vaccine updates. As of Nov. 1, 2022, CDC recommends the following:       


Babies, children & teens:

3 Pfizer doses (primary) only for babies/children 6 months-4 yrs old or

2 Pfizer doses (primary) and a Pfizer only bivalent booster only for children 5 yrs. old. or,

2 Pfizer doses (primary) and a Pfizer or Moderna bivalent booster for children 6-17 yrs. old.

2 Moderna doses (primary) and bivalent Pfizer only booster for babies/children 6mo-5yrs, or,

2 Moderna doses (primary) and a bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster for 6 -17 yr. olds or,


2 Novavax doses (primary) and a bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster for 12 - 17 yrs old.

No J & J doses are recommended for babies, children and teens.


2 Pfizer shots (primary) and a  bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster for 18 yrs. & above, or,

2 Moderna shots (primary) and bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster for 18 yrs. & above, or,

2 Novavax shots (primary) and a bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster for 18 yrs. & above.

   (Note: a Novavax booster is now available for persons with 2 Novovax (primary) shots) or, 

1 J&J shot (primary) and a bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster for people 18 & above.

   (Note: a J&J booster option is now available for persons with 1 J&J (primary) shot)

Non-U.S. Nationals or Non-U.S. Citizens:

The CDC recognizes WHO Vaccines: AstraZeneca/Oxford; Sinopharm; Sinovac; COVAXIN; Covovax; and CanSino. The CDC does not recommend mixing your first 2 primary shots. However, persons who got 1-2 CDC/WHO mixed or same vaccine shots and/or 1-3 boosters in other countries are considered up to date when a bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster(s) is received.

Persons who got unapproved CDC or WHO vaccines should wait 28 days before starting over with 2 primary Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax doses or 1 J&J primary shot. Afterwards, a bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster is recommended. Optional Novavax or J&J primary boosters are also available.

Only the  Pfizer bivalent  booster is allowed for children 5 yrs old who received their 2 primary monovalent Pfizer doses.


All persons 6 yrs old and above should get the bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster after their first 2 primary shots or last monovalent booster.


Persons over 18 who received Novavax or J&J primary shots can choose a Novavax or J&J booster if they are vulnerable to Pfizer or Moderna and should consult a doctor.

bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster is recommended at least 2 mos. after your last booster according to your particular age.

bivalent Pfizer or Moderna booster is recommended at least 3 mos. after a COVID infection.

Certain COVID-19 vaccinations, boosters, testing and medication are available at your local clinic or LBJ for all experiencing symptoms. Asymptomatic people without symptoms can also test if uncertain. Call Dept. of Health at 219 for the latest exact vaccine/age/dosage information. Forever gratitude to American Samoa and National Federal first responders for guarding the public from COVID-19 variants. For more information on the Oct 24-Nov 15 DECLARATION advisories and CDC recommendations, just press the COVID-19 ADVISORY link above and/or the CDC link below. Thank you!

     O iei le FA'ALIGA VEVESIIGA SOIFUA MALOLOINA MA VEVESIIGA LAUTELE TUMAU Amelika Samoa mo Novema 15 - Tesema 1, 2022, i le liniki "COVID-19 ADVISORY" i luga. Ua tautua lava le Ofisa Puleaga ma ona lala e moli lea FA'ALIGA a ua le vailisi KOVITI-19. Fa'asota'i mai le Ofisa Puleaga i le telefoni po'o le imeli pe fiailoa ni fa'amatalaga itula ofisa; gaioioiga saogalemu; po'o suiiga galuega ta'itasi. E fa'amolemole atu la i le lautele mamalu ina talia le FA'ALIGA se e saogalemu masina Novema. E fa'a e'eu atu fou le mata'itusi Fa o matou aufaigaluega:   "4 F" - FA'AOGA se punifofoga mo le 5-10 aso pe afai sa e ma'i; pe sa le fai so tui vakisini; po'o pe sa iai so ma'i tumau; po'o ua e matua i le 65 tausaga ma taulavelavea (fa'aoga tuaiga punifofoga N-95, KN-95 po'o se KF-94); FULU mama lima pe fa'apea ua pa'i i ofisa lautele; FA'AVA 6 ft. mai isi tagata e'ese; ma fa'a FAITETE tagata potopoto, ofisa, faleoloa ma pisinisi pe afai e ea punipuni. Ma ina fa'a iloa tagata e le foliga ma'i KOVITI-19.


     Ua vaai lava puipuiga fa'asalalau o le uepisaiti CDC Amelika i latou su'esu'ega vakisini ma pusata tatau. Talu mai le 11/01/22, ua fa'asalalau fou filifiliga vakisini le CDC e fa'apea:

Pepe, Tama-Teine iti ma Tupulaga iti:

3 tui Pfizer (muamua) mo pepe ma tamaiti 6 masina - 4 tausaga, po'o le,

2 tui Pfizer (muamua) ma le 1 pusata Pfizer (fou) mo tamaiti 5 tausaga, po'o le,

2 tui Pfizer (muamua) ma 1 pusata fou Pfizer po'o Moderna mo tamaiti 6-17, po'o ,

2 tui Moderna (muamua) ma le 1 pusata Pfizer (fou) pepe/tamaiti 6 masina-5 tausaga, po'o 

2 tui Moderna (muamua) ma 1 pusata fou Pfizer po'o Moderna mo tamaiti 6-17 tausaga, po'o 

2 tui Novavax (muamua) ma 1 pusata fou Pfizer po'o Moderna mo tamaiti 12-17.


E le fa'aauga le tui J&J mo pepe ma tamaiti.

Tagata Matatua:


2 tui Pfizer (muamua) ma 1 pusata fou Pfizer po'o Moderna mo tagata 18 ma luga, po'o le,

2 tui Moderna (muamua) ma 1 pusata fou Pfizer po'o Moderna mo tagata 18 ma luga, po'o le,

2 tui Novavax (muamua) ma 1 pusata fou Pfizer po'o Moderna mo tagata 18 ma luga,

 (Peita'i: Ua iei se pusata Novavax fou e mafai na filifilia latou sa 2 tui Novavax) po'o le, 

1 tui J & J (muamua) ma le 1 pusata fou Pfizer po'o Moderna mo tagata 18 tausaga ma luga.

 (Peita'i: Ua iei se pusata J&J fou e mafai na filifilia latou sa 1 tui J&J). Fesili i lou foma'i.

Tagata e le Nasionale Amelika po'o Sitiseni Amelika:

E talia le CDC nai tui WHO: AstraZeneca/Oxford; Sinopharm; Sinovac; COVAXIN; Covovax; ma CanSino. E faimai CDC e lelei pe ua tutusa vakisini lua muamua. Ma e atoa la vakisini tagata mai isi atunu'u pe afai ua 2 tui vakisini WHO (muamua) ma nai pusata sa fai, ma le 1 tui pusata fou Pfizer po'o Moderna e fa'apopo agai le tausaga. Ua iei fo'i pusata fou Novavax ma J&J mo latou e lavelavea i nai tui fou Pfizer po'o Moderna. Fesili i lou foma'i.

A mo tagata sa tui i se vakisini e e'ese mai le WHO/CDC, e tatau na toi amata tui vakisini lua (muamua) o le CDC po'o le WHO pe atoa 28 aso talumai le vakisini e'ese. Ma e atoa la le vakisini pe e fa'aso'o loa ma le 1 tui pusata fou Pfizer po'o le Moderna (Po'o nai pusata Novavax ma J&J mo latou sa filifilia ia tui).

Na'o le tui Pfizer fou ua tatau mo tamaiti 5 tausaga lia sa tui muamua i le Pfizer.  


O tamaiti ma tagata 6 - 17 tausaga ma luga e mafai na maua le tui fou Pfizer po'o Moderna pe afai ua uma tui lua muamua ma ni pusata sa fai.


O tagata 18 tausaga ma luga e taua le tui fou Pfizer po'o Moderna; po'o pusata Novavax ma J&J pe na filifilia iai.

E lelei le 1 tui fou Pfizer po'o Moderna e fua agai tausaga. Ma e lelei le tui pe afai ua 2 masina talumai so pusata mulimuli.

Ma e lelei le 1 tui fou Pfizer po'o Moderna pe afai ua atoa se 3 masina talumai so ma'i KOVITI-19.


E iai isi tui vakisini fou, suega ma vai KOVITI-19 i lou falema'i po'o le LBJ, mo tagata uma. E mafai fo'i e fai suega mo tagata ua le loga ni ma'i. Valaau i 219, le Ofisa Soifua Maloloina, mo fa'amatalaga sa'o o tui ma pusata fou. Toi fa'afetai tele le lava i le au faigaluega Amelika Samoa ma paaga o le Malo Tele e fa'apuipui ese le vailisi KOVITI-19. Mo fautuaga fou atilia'e o le FA'ALIGA Oketopa-Novema, fa'a omi le liniki "COVID-19 ADVISORY" i luga po'o le liniki CDC o i lalo. Soifua.

Current CDC website link/liniki CDC: