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     The  Department of Administrative Services is an Executive Branch department of the American Samoa Government consisting of the Director's Office and several divisions: the ASG Mailroom, Printshop, Archives and Records Center, Housing, and Executive Office Bldg. Security-Maintenance.  Each division functions according to policies and responsibilities regulated by the Director's Office.  The Director's Office also provides certain government services to the general public and ASG employees. These include ASG contracts and leases and personnel services and the oversight of activities performed by Housing, Printshop, Mailroom, Archives and Records Center and EOB Security-Maintenance.  We are located at the Executive Office Bldg. in the village of Utulei, Tutuila, American Samoa. 684-633-4157/58. We hope your enjoy your visit here and welcome any comments and suggestions as we strive to expand and improve our  public information website services. Soifua!


               Director Afalava Eliki

Department of Administrative Services

Notice: Our public health emergency advisory information ended May 11, 2023, in line with local and national COVID 19 trends. Thanks to medical researchers, efficient vaccinations and medications have been made and distributed and the pandemic can now transition into a non-emergency phase. We therefore thank the American Samoa Department of Health and the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, and all local, national and international partners for leading the way during these first three years of the COVID-19 pandemic. And we look forward to adapting our public services & facilities during the new non-emergency phase. For your convenience, we’ll also keep the link to current CDC vaccination advisories here…

Fa'aliga: Sa gata Fa'aliga Vevesiiga Soifua Maloloina ma Vevesiiga Lautele Tumau le Malo Tele ia Me 11, 2023 a ua, ua soagalemu le KOVITI-19 iinei ma fafo. E fa'afetai la i foma'i  su'esu'e ua iai tui ma vailaau ua fa'asolo ina fa'a tau le ma'i tele sa iai. Ma te fa'afetai la i le Ofisa Soifua Maloloiga Amelika Samoa, le US-DHHS, ma paaga uma sa ta'imua ia tausaga tolu KOVITI-19 ua te'a. Ua fa'asaga la i luma, ina suisuia taliaiga ofisa e fa'atatau i lea la'asaga fou. Peita'i, mo lou saogalemu, la iai pea le liniki i le CDC e iloa ai tui ma vailaau fou...

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