The  Dept. of Administrative Services is an Executive Branch department of the American Samoa Government consisting of the Director's Office and several divisions: the ASG Mailroom, Printshop, Archives and Records Center, Housing, and Executive Office Bldg. Security-Maintenance.  Each division therefore functions according to policies and responsibilities regulated by the Director's Office.  The Director's Office also provides certain government services to the general public and ASG employees. These include ASG contracts and leases and personnel services with oversight of activities performed by Housing, Printshop, Mailroom, Archives and Records Center and EOB Security-Maintenance.  We are located at the Executive Office Bldg. in the village of Utulei, Tutuila, American Samoa. 684-633-4157/58. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we work to expand and improve our  public information website.

               Director Afalava Eliki

Department of Administrative Services

     The Dept. of Administrative Services reminds the public that it continues to follow prior Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga's Emergency Declaration of March 17, 2020 and it's subsequent amendments as modified on January 3, 2021 by our new Governor Lemanu Palepoi Mauga. We are currently under CODE BLUE procedures requiring attention to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. All visitors are asked to please obey all division safety instructions and to please remember and practice the "3 W's" - Wear a mask during all public interactions, Wash hands frequently and thoroughly after contact with public surfaces and Watch social distance by staying 6 -10 ft apart at all times. Together we can diminish the spread of COVID-19 into our public office spaces, villages and homes. Thank you.


       E fa'amanatua atu le Ofisa Puleaga O Le Malo e galulue lava matou i lalo o le Failoga Lanumoana. O lea failoga sa fa'asalalau ina le Afioga gata Kovana Lolo Matalasi Moliga i le Fa'aliga Vevesi O Le Malo Amelika Samoa i Mati 17, 2020 ma i nai fa'aliga soloa sa fa'apopo iai. Ma ua fa'asoloa pea ia failoga ma nisi suiga fou o Ianuari 3, 2021 mai le Afioga filifilia Kovana Lemanu Palepoi Mauga. E fa'atatauina la tagata uma asiasi atu i matou ofisa ta'itasi fa'amolemole ina usita'i puipuiga a ua le soifua maloloina. E lelei pe a manatua ma fa'aa'o le mataitusi Fa e tolu: "3 F's" - Fa'aoga se punifofoga, Fulu mama lima pe fa'apea e pa'i le ofisa; ma, Fa'ava i le 6-10 futu mai isi tagata i taimi uma. E mafai na puipuia le sologa o le vailisi COVID-19 i totonu tatou ofisa, nu'u ma maota pe a tatou galulue fa'atasi. Fa'afetai Lava.


Dept. of Administrative Services

Office of Archives and Records Management

A.P. Lutali Executive Office Bldg.

American Samoa Government

Pago Pago, AS  96799

Telephone : ​684-699-6848/5148

Fax : 684-699-6849

Director of Adm. Services:

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