The Executive Office Bldg. Maintenance Division is responsible for ensuring that all offices and public areas are in safe working condition. The crew attends to electrical lights and air conditioning systems, structural repairs, plumbing, lawns and planted areas, parking lot, office vehicles, garbage disposal, restrooms and all special events held on the premises. Safe procedures are foremost to ensure the safety of employees and the general visiting public.


     The history of the Maintenance Division is similar to that of the Security Division. In the past local Island Government departments were located at the Courthouse and at several separate office buildings in the old Naval Station area and at various places on the islands. The separate Executive Branch offices finally became centralized at Utulei in 1968, in an old, repurposed Government Hospital. A new administrative building was then built and dedicated by Governor A.P. Lutali in 1988, and is the current site of most ASG Executive Offices.