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     The Executive Office Bldg. Maintenance Division is responsible for ensuring that all offices and public areas are in safe working condition. The crew attends to electrical lights and air conditioning systems, mechanical and structural repairs, plumbing, landscaping, traffic and parking lot, and cleanliness. Safe procedures are foremost to ensure the well being of employees and public visitors. Covid-19 awareness is another factor of EOB services as it works towards CDC building compliance standards.


     Historically, the EOB Maintenance Division dates to 1992 when the building was first completed. In the past, Island Government executive offices were located at the High Court building and at other buildings in the old Naval Station area. Subsequent Dept. of Interior DOI locales were maintained by Public Works. The separate Executive Branch DOI offices were eventually centralized at Utulei in 1968, in WWII era buildings that had been the ASG Hospital. Later, after a 1985 Utulei fire, a new administrative building was planned and construction started in 1987 under Governor A.P. Lutali. The EOB was built between 1988-1989 and occupied by Dec. 1992 during Governor P.T. Coleman. The EOB is the current site of most ASG Executive Offices.

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