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     The Printshop has been a regular government function since April 24, 1900, when publishing of U.S. Naval Station Tutuila regulations began. These regulations were distributed and posted and became the basis of American Samoa’s current ASCA and ASAC Law Codes. Various types of print jobs followed, including a “Fa’atonu” newspaper containing local and national news, educational articles, and public notices that circulated from 1904 to c1958. Other local government newsletters were also made, such as the “Information Bulletin” that was started by the U.S. Navy and continued by the Dept. of Interior from 1944-1985. Various other ASG Dept. publications kept this public information tradition up to the present, such as a Governor's Office “Tapuitea” newsletter started in c2006. Aside from government news, the printshop normally makes Dept. forms, Dept. Reports and/or Dept. of Education worksheets and publications as well as providing binding and xerox copying services. In the past, the Printshop offered private publishing for the general public. Printshop’s workload and technology has steadily increased over the years, adapting to the growing changing needs of the Navy, Dept. of Interior, and Electorate administrations. Today, it is led by the Chief Printer and team.

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